Mistress Mona Dair

Crawl to me on your stomach little worm
Prostrate yourself before me
Dance for my delight

Virtual Servitude

Hello little moth, it seems you have found your Flame...

You are drawn to me because your lower nature compels you.

You see a radiant source of both beauty and power, and you are instinctually attracted to it.


I provide 3 virtual doorways you may potentially enter through to serve me.

Some start at the first and, through training, obedience, and loyalty, evolve to serve me in the deeper realms.

Others come to me more evolved and jump into the more advanced stages right away.


This is your first test.

Know yourself enough to approach me at the right level. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, at first, but I will adjust your access as I see fit.



The most useless stage. You know what you are, you know you are filth, disgusting and depraved. I will recognize this in you and make you embody it in word and deed. You are not yet worthy or capable of serving my desires or needs. Your hunger has made your soul into a beast that devours the unbearable and is poisoned by it. You will give me your obedience and I will train you to tame your hunger.

50 Euro/month


You have mocked yourself and risen above it. You can now appreciate great beauty and natural power. You desire only to worship it and serve its form. You give yourself in the pursuit of this service. You will compete tasks to prove your obeisance, to bond yourself to your Goddess. I will break you into chaos and train you into order. If you are deemed capable, you will be permitted to serve my sexual desires.

75 Euro/month

You see the grand game we are all playing and understand your very small place in it. You are capable of delighting me with delicious treats that playfully reveal the maya of this world to my senses: i.e., you are able to please me with paradoxical poetry, anarchic art, or treasures of prose.

You pose a challenge to both my ideas and strengths as a Mistress.

You have learned to serve my sexual energy with your own


You will learn, through continued service to possess your desire, and not let it possess you, to understand it as the image and expression of your soul

100 Euro/month


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