Mistress Mona Dair

My Stable

Those whom I grace with positions within my stable must demonstrate an exceptional level of devotion and ability.

I am willing to consider applications from those who have either: useful skills (i.e. digital fluency/aptitude), social standing, or are adept maids/assistants.

If you fall into one of the 3 aforementioned categories you may send an email to: dominadair@gmail.com

You MUST specify:

1. Your potential usefulness to me

2. The monthly tribute you propose to offer me

3. Your availability to serve me

You MUST entice me with your message. Do not bore me or you will remain in the cold, barren wasteland that is the world outside of my consideration.




You may think you are worthy of a priveleged space in my stable.

Likely, you are not.

You may think you are capable of upholding this station.

In my experience, this is highly doubtful.

I have spent years cultivating finely tuning my stable in Canada. I must now undertake the arduous task of building a new stable of slaves to take care of my daily needs and satisfy my uniquely devious desires in the UK.



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