Mistress Mona Dair

Offer yourself
Ready Player One?
Come Play


I prefer the intimate company of the more sophisticated and evolved sex.

If I am not commissioning males into my service as toys, virtual sluts, or servants, I have one other -primal- use for them...

I use their sexual energy for my rejuvenation

Stabled Slave

A rare privilege granted to few and denied to most.

As I have just moved to the country I have a few positions available.

I will not fill them unless I am impressed by the level of dedication and devotion proposed.

Virtual Slut

I can not be everywhere, at all times.

If you can not come to me in person, you may serve me in the virtual realm I have created for dedicated sluts.


In what capacity would you be of most use to me?

Play Thing

I am a woman of changeable tastes, insatiable curiosity, and unquenchable sadism.

If you think yourself a worthy toy, put your name forward and I may just call you into service.


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