Mistress Mona Dair

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Italia Tour
EspaƱa Tour

Milan: June

Venice: June

Florence: June



Paris: May

Nice: May

Bordeaux: May


Barcelona: September

Madrid: September

Marjorca: September

France Tour

Geneva: February, May

Bern: February, May

Zurich: February, May

Lucerne: February, May

Lenzburg: February, May



Deutch Tour
UK Tour

London: Oct 30th-Nov 7th, Dec-Jan

Brighton: Nov 1st-8th, Dec-Jan

Birmingham: January 15th-30th

Liverpool: January 15th-30th

Bristol: February 1st-5th

Oxford: Nov 1st-8th, Dec-Jan

Radlett: Nov 1st-8th, Dec-Jan

Marylebone: Nov 1st-8th, Dec-Jan

Cambridge: Nov 1st-8th, Dec-Jan

Kent: Nov 1st-8th, Dec-Jan

Portsmouth: Dec-Jan

Isle of Mann -Douglas May 29th-31st

Edinburgh: July 1st-10th

Glasgow: July 1st-10th

Cardiff: 25th-30th alt months

Swansea: 25th-30th alt months

Suisse Tour

Hanover: April

Hamburg: April

Berlin: April

Munich: April


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