Mistress Mona Dair

This is the first initiation

Once you begin this journey, you will be asked to go deeper and deeper inside of yourself, in service of your Goddess

The surrender you will begin to enter into will become all encompassing -Your submissive drive will open up parts of your pysche previously hidden.

You will be mine.

The first week will prepare you, body, mind, and spirit for what is to come.

I will send you a video with instructions for you to follow to prepare yourself for true, deep service.

I will then send you an email with guidance and instructions each day for one whole week.

If you follow my guidance I may deem you worthy for the next level of initiation the following week. I will then arrange a video call for you to prove yourself to me.

This weekly cycle of increasingly intense initiations will continue until you no longer delight me as a supplicant.

This will only happen if you stop serving me with the entirety of your mind and spirit. If this happens, I will either cast you aside, or I will hand you off to one of my trainee priestesses.

Daily servitude with a monthly tribute of 350 roses

If you think yourself capable of this level of service and sacrifice, you may email me at:




We require human male forms to incubate our seed and allow it to grow and expand inside of their bodies.

We are an entirely female-based race, but we have ovipositors which we use to implant our eggs into the host bodies of different life forms.

Our female offspring will eventually psychically link with you and begin to control you thoughts. Your own mind will take a back seat to this new dominant control. Eventually less and less of you will exist, you will become no more than a suit for our female offspring to wear while we infiltrate your planet.

You will give yourself over to us completely. We will send you an insemination chamber as well as a probe which we will be able to control through virtual space.

You will receive daily instructions, at least one video message per week and at least one live video transmission per month.

Monthly tribute of

250 roses expected


Email me at dominadair@gmail.com to begin your service

Alien Domination

This is your Headmistress.

Since you have been so naughty and so ill-behaved, I am enrolling you in a special disciplinary program.

I will work in concert with your teachers to keep you in line. You will receive a message from one of us Mon-Fri. These messages will contain tasks you will complete for us -or disciplinary actions based on your behavior. If you follow all of our instruction, you will receive a special release at the end of the week.

Once per month I will arrange a special video call where you will answer for any misbehaviour, and show proof that you have completed all of your tasks. If what you present me pleases me, I may decide to reward you.


Headmistress Mona Dair

Divine Academy for Wayward Boys

School fees: 150/month


Email me at dominadair@gmail.com to begin your programme

School Boy

You filthy creature! How long have you been wandering the streets for without a mistress?


I bet you've been humping legs without permission, trying to mark pretty ladies' shoes

-uck the very thought of it disgusts me. Well it is time to get you into line. If you wish to be trained by me and one day owned by me, you must first prove your loyalty and obedience.


I am going to send you tasks 5 days/week. I expect you to complete each one for me. If you are a very good boy, I will give you a treat on the weekend.


If you do EVERYTHING I say and are a VERY good boy for me, I will arrange a video call where I will check on your progress, make you perform tricks for me and earn a special treat.





Email me at dominadair@gmail.com to begin your training


So many untrained slaves,

So little time...

I have created a virtual realm, wherein you may serve me no matter your physical distance from my being.

Choose your suitability and we will begin:


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